Drainage Machines
Drainage machines are used to install drainage pipes under the ground to removes excess water from the land and also to wash out the salts which have accumulated in the land with time. The USP of the drainage machines is that they execute four basic operations in one single pass. A drainage machine-
  • Digs the trench or plows through the land
  • Smoothens the base
  • Digs the trench (or plows) at a gradient
  • Installs the pipe
The gradient is provided by the laser system or the GPS system which the machine follows while digging the trench or while plowing.
We sell agricultural drainage machines manufactured by Inter-Drain Sales BV which is the world’s leading manufacturer of drainage machines. They manufacture two kinds of drainage machines –
Inter-Drain machines are equipped with tilt control, automatic gradient control, oscillating tracks and air conditioning depending on different models.